Sunday, June 8, 2014

Three Cheers for AHECers!

I retired from the Area Health Education Center at Washington State University Spokane where I had worked for nineteen years, eight years ago. Every year since then, the majority of the AHEC staff has gotten together when Forry and I are back in the Spokane area. The first couple of years we met for lunch at a local restaurant and talked the afternoon away. After that we decided to meet at someone's home to accommodate the children.

Today was the day this year. Marlene and Pat, Helen and Jerry, Betty (her husband came later), Steven and Christy, Bonnie and Addy and Forry and I met at Dave and Cathi's this afternoon. Cathi and Dave had made pulled pork and the rest of us brought salads, appetizers, wine and desserts. We chatted and laughed, told stories - and maybe a few lies - and simply enjoyed each other one more time.

Except for Dave and Cathi and Bonnie, we are all now retired. We had to compare notes on what it was like. We all commented about easy it was at first to say "yes" to too many people and tasks and how nice it was to wake up and drink our morning coffee without having to rush to be somewhere.

What a treat it is to get together with these folks. We made a great crew working together many years ago. And we are still a great bunch of folks!

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