Monday, June 30, 2014

Moving Day

Our four weeks at Ponderosa Falls were up and today was our day to move. We had made reservations to go back to Peaceful Pines RV Park in nearby Cheney when we realized we were coming up on the Fourth of July. When you are retired and full-timing, you don't always think about or need to look forward to having time off on holidays. They tend to sneak up on you and the next thing you know, you haven't reserved a campsite and everywhere you check, there is no vacancy.

Even though we made reservations over a month ago, we are still going to have to move from our full hookup site for four days to make room for someone who reserved our space a year ago! It's no big deal. We will just move to the other side of the park for the duration. There's no sewer hookup there, so we'll have to shift to our boon-docking, water-conserving mode for a few days. Then we'll move back over here for the rest of our two week stay.

I haven't seen much of Forry today, he's spent most of the day napping in his recliner. I think the last few days of staying up late to fetch me from the airport (and fretting that I wouldn't make it home that night) and driving down to Menno yesterday caught up with him today. We were up and going early besides.

I started on the laundry after we got settled in and got a couple of loads done. I am always surprised at how much laundry I have after a trip. I guess when I'm at home I don't change my shirt and wear clean clothes every day...

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