Thursday, June 5, 2014


If it seems like all we are doing is going from one doctor's office to another, it's because we are! We really wanted to get all of our medical stuff done early in the Spring, but it's been one monkey wrench after another. We are still waiting for Apria to get the CPAP machine organized for Forry. I talked with Customer Service at Group Health this afternoon and they still hadn't received the paperwork from them! So we wait.

This afternoon I had another appointment at Spokane Eye Clinic. This cataract business is the biggest  monkey wrench of all. Having cataract surgery was NOT in my plans! By the time we get the surgery done on the first eye, then the three follow-up visits, then the surgery on the other eye and the three follow-up visits, we're going to be almost through the summer!

Today's visit was to get another set of measurements of my eyes. They did all of the measurements last week, but they repeat them a week later to ensure they are accurate -- and that the eyes are stable. They did another measurement today that measures astigmatism. It's all done with lights and computers -- very interesting stuff. We also got a chance to visit with the lens coordinator and I got some answers about the distances the different lenses focus at.

From the Eye Clinic we headed back to Cheney and the Safeway store. I picked up enough different pickled vegetables and olives to make an appetizer plate for our AHEC gathering on Sunday afternoon. I had thought to do cold shrimp, but didn't realize that Cathi's husband was violently allergic to them. I knew he was allergic for fish, but I guess shellfish are just as bad!

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