Friday, June 6, 2014

People Watching at an RV Park

I think that RV Parks are almost as good a place to people watch as airports are. It's just interesting to watch people under more or less stress as they park and get set up.

This morning there were only half a dozen rigs parked in the row we are in and the one immediately across from us. Now every site is full. It is Friday and the weather is beautiful. I would imagine that many of these folks are taking their RVs out for their first summer outing. A few of the rigs must be full-timers. They are very precise as they park and set up fluidly as if they had done it many times. They usually don't drive very fast -- they try not to stir up unnecessary dust.

Others are very tentative and unsure. They will often debate and discuss for quite some time before they back up or pull through. There are often loud arguments and profane comments.

Some people use their cell phones to communicate from driver to spotter; others use walkie-talkies; many just use had signals (which is what we do). Many of us have learned that the driver should always be able to see the spotter in the mirrors of the rig and the driver should always quickly stop if he/she loses sight of the spotter.

It doesn't make much difference what size the RV is. The little ones and the big ones and the ones in between all have the same sort of chores to get hooked up. First you plug in the electrical, then hook up the water. You may or may not hook up the sewer, depending on how full your tanks may be. Then there is some kind of leveling that needs to be done. In some rigs it is automatic, in others it is a manual task. You may or may not have slides to let out.

Sometimes a couple will share the setting up task. Other times it will be just one person doing the setting up while the other one waits. Some folks strictly divide tasks between and outside, others share them pretty equally. No matter what, it is fun to watch.

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