Monday, June 16, 2014

Storage Unit

Believe it or not, after eight years, Forrest still has stuff in a storage unit here in Spokane! It's mostly photography studio stuff -- things like background drapes, lights and reflectors. Wish we could find someone who would like to have it. He's also got a neat mat-cutting table. He told Daughter Dawn it was not much bigger than a card table, but it's at least five feet by five feet. It's a wooden table platform on a metal roller stand.

We had driven out to the storage place today just to take a look at what all he had in there. We had the key to the padlock on the unit, but Forry wasn't sure anymore what the number was. There some other odd stuff in the storage unit as well. An acetylene welding setup with the tanks; a developer tank and a conference room size table as well as some shelving stuff.

Just out of curiosity, we drove home the back way through Medical Lake to take a look at the Washington State Veterans Cemetery. We had seen it when they had just opened it a year or so ago. The grass was still not all up then and there were only a few gravestones up. Now there are two sections almost filled up as well as the crematory niches. They have planted hundreds of trees around the perimeter areas. Given a few more years of growth, it's going to be a beautiful spot.

Forry has been wanting to stop at the Petro Iron Skillet to eat, so we decided tonight the night. As truck stops go, it's got healthier choices then many we've seen with a nice salad bar and homemade soups. It's got both a buffet and menu service. AND a 20% discount for Seniors. Unfortunately, this summer, kids eat free. So there are lots of little ones running around. I am always hesitant to patronize buffets when parents let their children help themselves without supervision. Forry ended up getting chicken-fried steak while I had a plate of spaghetti.

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