Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A Day Downtown

I had the last follow-up post-op appointment for my right eye this morning with the optometrist at Group Health. He seemed to think after his exam that all was going very well. This is the last day of the three kinds of drops four times a day. Tomorrow I get to eliminate the antibiotic drop and just do the other two three times a day for the next week.

While we were at Group Health, I went upstairs for a blood pressure check. The MA who checked it used too small of a cuff and did it on my forearm -- didn't listen to my advice at all.  Of course, he ended up with a sky-high reading which got everyone excited. We ended up having to hang around awhile while he talked to the doctor. Finally, an LPN came in and did it correctly. Of course, it was very much within normal limits... They even had pulled the pharmacist who has been working with my FP into the discussion. (I got an email from him tonight assuring me that I didn't need to worry about those first readings...)

Next we went over to the Apple Store at River Park Square to see if I could do something about the slow charging battery on my iPad. We made an appointment to come back at 1:40 to meet with the Genius Squad. We killed the the hour or so we had to wait with a latte and a cookie at the Nordstrom Lunch Bar. Turns out that the battery is fine, it was just running slow because of fragments of software and junk. The tech backed it up, then wiped it clean and reinstalled everything. While in the process, I also go rid of some apps I no longer use. I ended up buying a new full cover for the iPad as well as a trio of extra cords.

During our initial wait, I also tried to buy a new pair of sandals at the Walking Store, but they only had two shoes in the Ecco brand that I like, neither of which were sandals. I ended up ordering a pair which should be here in about a week.

As we were finishing up, Forry got a call from Apria, the people that supply the CPAP machines. They said they still had not received a report of the sleep study from the doctor. So, we went over to the Sleep Institute to see if they had it done yet (it'll be a month tomorrow!). Their receptionist seemed a bit embarrassed, but did go to check where the report was. Turns out it had been dictated by the doctor and was at the transcriptionist's, and most likely would be back tomorrow. BUT, the doctor is on his two week rotation at Sacred Heart's ICU... Which means he will not be back at the Sleep Institute until the second week in July! She did finally say that she MIGHT be able to take the report over to the hospital to have it signed...  Something seems just terribly inefficient about this whole setup!

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