Friday, December 9, 2016

A Snowy Day at Home

There was about another inch of snow on the ground this morning and we had intermittent snow showers throughout the day. The bird feeder had lots of customers - there were 20-25 little birds flying between the feeder and the trees. But, this nasty little guy has found the feeder as well! We yell at him and chase him away every time we see him, but...

The birds scatter quite a bit of feed unto the ground, but then they seem to go right after it, so it's not being wasted.

This is one of the little Oregon Juncos. He's puffed up almost to twice his size to keep himself warm in this nasty cold weather.

We hunkered down  in the house pretty much all day. Forry did go out to sweep a path to the shed and to the car and swept the car off. He also brought the sack of bird feed inside so I could refill the feeder. In this cold, they're emptying it almost every day.

I did get three loads of laundry done. I dry the underwear, but hang the rest of it on our rack. It seems to help keep the shrinkage down.

We ate the second crab for dinner tonight. I think it was even better than the one we had last night!

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