Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Eve

It was gorgeous this morning. It had not snowed anymore during the night. The sun was shining and it was warm! The thermometer outside on the shed actually read 52 degrees! Forry saw that temperature on our inside/outside thermometer and wasn't sure it was correct. But it was!
Unfortunately, that much warmth will probably melt much of our snow cover which has been protecting the winter wheat during the cold weather of the last week or so.

We left Desert Sun and headed to my Brother Pat and Sister-in-law Cindy's home in Moses Lake. All four of their children were home with their spouses - or girl friend in Nephew Nick's case.  In addition, there were the seven grandchildren. What a lovely household of family!

I had to chuckle. They had decided that the kids could each open one present every hour. Great Nephew Case had a new watch and he kept trying to convince Uncle Nick it was time, but Nick was holding him to the exact minute!

Patrick was prepping a huge rib roast for the barbecue when we arrived. They seared it  in a 500 degree oven, then took it outside to roast while we watched the Seahawk game. We snacked on crab cocktails, bruschetta and various cheeses, crackers and libations during the game. Cindy made twice baked potatoes, Nephew Jared fixed green beans, his wife Becky made Gorgonzola sauce. All to serve with the perfect roast. It was so good, lovely pink center with a crispy crust.

After dinner, Niece Becky got out the cards and eight of us played a few hands of group solitaire. It gets pretty wild with everyone playing on the cards that are placed out in the center! (One of the safeguards we have learned over the years is to have everyone remove their rings first!)

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