Thursday, December 8, 2016

Another Trip to the Dentist and CRAB!

It was cold last night! It wasn't easy to climb out of our nice warm bed this morning (we have a heated mattress pad with dual controls), but I dutifully got up, washed my face, got dressed and headed over to the clubhouse to have coffee with the park ladies. It was definitely a brisk walk.

The birds had the feeder completely empty this morning! I refilled it when I came back from coffee. They were quickly back to work on re-emptying it. There must have been twenty plus little birds flitting in and out - finches, juncos and sparrows.

I had an appointment at two with Niece Becky to do some deep cleaning on two of my back molars. I don't know why those two were particularly bad, but Becky earned her paycheck by the time she finished with them.

On Becky's recommendation, we went from the dentist's office over to North40 and found me a pair of snow boots. It's snowing again tonight, so my purchase was timely. But here's one of my pet peeves. If the boots/shoes say they should be treated with water repellent before being worn, why don't they treat them before you buy them?! I dutifully bought a can of the spray stuff and will treat them tomorrow - provided I can step outside to do it! I don't want that spray stuff in a closed up house.

We stopped at Safeway to buy much needed groceries. When I came around the back to the meat counter, I was delighted to see the case full of beautiful Dungeness crab! The butcher said they had just gotten their first shipment of the season. $5.99/lb. I had him clean two. I picked up a loaf of crusty bread and we had crab for dinner tonight! After eating nothing but snow crab in Arizona the last few winters, it was an absolute delight to feast on Dungeness. And we have enough for crab and Gruyere omelets in the morning!

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