Thursday, December 22, 2016


Last month, Sun Desert RV Park bought a turkey for the monthly park potluck. There weren't a lot of people here (including us!) and evidently there was a lot left over. So for this month's potluck, Pat used the leftover turkey to make a large kettle of soup. She also made a pot of split pea and ham soup. Everyone else filled in with the rest of the meal. This is the first we've been here for the potluck. I had signed up for dessert, so took a plate of Christmas cookies. (Yes, the ones Sister Sherry and I made after Thanksgiving that I stuck in the freezer and hid!)

Pat was already hard at work making soup this morning when I went over to the clubhouse for the weekly coffee gathering. One of ladies was upset this morning because "someone had let some air out of all four of the tires on her car!" The other ladies tried to explain to her that tire pressure is lower when it was cold, but she wasn't buying it. Seems she has a new car that gives a readout of tire pressure on each of the four wheels... "No, she knew who had done it, but she was a Christian and would forgive them!" Never a dull moment.

We were back home and watching television when we heard a siren and saw lots of lights down the hill where there are a bunch of mobile homes. We thought it was probably an ambulance. Then the lights and noise came on up the hill and turned into the RV park. Turned out to be a flat bed truck with Santa Claus escorted by a couple of police cars, all playing Christmas music. Every time they'd turn a corner, they'd blow the siren. They wound their way around the park, then went on their merry way.

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