Monday, December 12, 2016

Another Busy Day...

Ugh! This getting up early and getting going is getting old.

Forry had another appointment with the dentist this morning to get a filling in one of his back molars. While he was at the dentist, I managed to get some shopping done - mainly for some cards and stocking stuffers.

After Forry was finished up, (plus a hug from Niece Becky!) we headed for Ephrata for a visit with our friend Vic. The roads were clear until we got into town, then they were a bit slushy yet. Vic was in pretty good spirits, still pleased that his Daughter Pam had been able to "borrow" a wheelchair van to take him to Walt's Memorial Service last Saturday. We visited for a bit, then PT came to take him for therapy.

Back to Moses Lake with a stop at Safeway for breakfast sandwiches and one at Lowes for another sack of birdseed. Then over to Denny's for an early supper. While we were there, we got a phone call from our friend Colleen who had just finished a ten day stint of vending at the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas. It was so good to talk with her - except that they were at Eagle View in Arizona! Jealous!

Next stop was out at Menno for a meeting of the Pastoral Search Committee. This was a working meeting to fill out the questionnaire about the congregation that we need to send into the PNMC office. Members of the committee had done the information gathering on various portions of the questionnaire. Now I need to get it all written up...

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