Monday, December 19, 2016

Chilly Monday

It was very cold again this morning. While our AquaHot furnace is firing well, the fan does not seem to be working anymore. It was quite chilly indoors when we got home from our road trip last night. Since we have an electric mattress pad, we kept nicely warm during the night, but I had several layers of clothes on today.

The birds emptied the feeder by mid-morning, but so far they aren't too interested in the new wheat bits. The squirrels seem to sort of come and go.

I finished up the cards to family members today and we made a quick trip into the post office to send them off by Priority Mail. I purposely took along a pen to address the Priority Mail envelopes, but wouldn't you know, it was out of ink! I went back to the car and we scrounged and found another under the seat. Which meant I had to get in line again (they don't have one of those automated machines at the Moses Lake post office). But they had all of the counters staffed with friendly folks and the line moved quickly.

We stopped by Chris Conner's shop on the way home to see if he had any ideas about the furnace fan. He's coming out to take a look tomorrow afternoon...

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