Tuesday, December 13, 2016

FINALLY - A Stay-at-Home Day!

I made it very plain last night that I was not going to leave the RV today, and I didn't! I did open the door when John, one of the park maintenance guys, knocked. John announced, if it was all right with us, that he was here to scrape the ice and snow off of our patio and put down de-icer. I had swept a path in the snow out to the car, but that was all. The first snow actually melted off the patio, but it was colder now. This last snow stuck and every place we'd walked, getting bird feed etc,, turned to ice. John shoveled off the snow, scraped off the icy spots, then spread de-icer of some kind. When he finished with ours, we saw him go down the road and do the same thing at Zola's place. It's interesting that the maintenance crew is out doing this at all the occupied sites. I wonder if it's a liability issue? It's very nice whatever the reason!

Forry went out to drain our almost full tanks and discovered that the drain hose was frozen. He thinks we lost the electric unit in the AquaHot during the night as we had no hot water this morning. He switched the system over to use diesel instead of electricity and we soon had hot water again. One thing I quickly noticed - the AquaHot diesel system is much warmer then the electric version. It's much warmer in the RV even though it's colder outside.

I did finish our Christmas cards this afternoon. I finally got very frustrated with SendOutCards' website's ability to send the cards in one batch (in spite of multiple emails and discussions with their "help"staff), and sent them in batches of six to ten. Not real happy with the picture we used, but at least that task is done.

Forry spent some time outside doing some more winterizing stuff while I worked on the Congregational Description that the Search Committee helped flesh out last night. It is a complicated multi-page document that I really want to get finished up this week.

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