Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Getting COLD!

Well, in spite of the forecast for more, we woke up this morning to the same amount of snow we had when we went to bed. The sun was out. It was so bright it actually hurt your eyes. I was outside trying to get a picture of Auntie Violet in the snow. There weren't any human tracks in the yard, but you could see the tracks from one of the little rabbits who live in the park and lots of bird tracks. The birds were working hard at the bird feeder, knocking snow off the top as they flew in and out.

By late afternoon, the snow had melted off the patio blocks. Then the temperature started to drop as the sun went down. Forry went outside and brushed and scraped the last of the snow off Toad II. It had partially melted and was now freezing hard.

This arctic front the forecasters have been talking about for two days may finally be here.

I spent a good share of the day working on Christmas cards and doing the end of the year bookwork for the ranch. It's always a pain to finish things up as since I only do it once a year, as I can never remember quite how to do it. I have to fight with my laptop computer as well - I sure wish I had never upgraded to Windows 10!

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