Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The Big Thaw

I could hear raindrops on the roof when we went to bed last night. It didn't last long, but when we got up this morning there was a glistening sheet of ice over everything. But it was warm! And everything was thawed. The toilet flushed, the hot water flowed and the fan on the furnace was running! By ten o'clock there was water dripping down the front windshield from the melting snow on the roof. Then the gusty winds came.

Forry was outside emptying the tanks and had to dodge flying chunks of snow. Many of the willow trees have not previously shed all of their leaves, but today's wind gusts did them in.  There were oodles of little leaves skittering across the top of the snow. The roads which had been compacted snow turned into sheets of ice. It was not a good day to even think about going anywhere.

We took advantage of the warmer temperature and the thawed pipes to take showers and run the dishwasher. Maintenance Man Mike came along again and scattered deicer on our patio and on Zola's across the way. The bird feeder was again emptied and the wind picked it up and tossed it along with the holiday swag sent by the Andrews family.  Fortunately, sunset saw the end of the wind gusts.

We're supposed to have a couple of days of decent weather without more snow before it gets cold again.

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