Friday, December 30, 2016

Friday Evening

In one of the blogs I follow, Kathy's Klothesline, Kathy talked about seeing a casket for sale at Walmart and speculated about taking one home. It reminded me of a story my paternal Grandmother told about one of her elders who actually did see a casket he admired at the General Store and did bring it home in his wagon. But, he didn't bring home the flour Granny sent him to the store for in the first place. Evidently, Granny made it quite plain to him that he was to take that casket back - and he was to get his money back for it too!

I was only a young child when I heard this. I remember wandering where he thought he would put it until it was needed? Would they use it to store other stuff in it? Would it be stuck out in the barn? Could somebody else have used it if they needed it first? I was fascinated by the idea of Granny telling a grown man what to do - and that he minded her! Funny what kind of thoughts float around in a little kid's mind.

It was a beautiful day here today. The sun was shining and it was warm outside, almost fifty degrees? The snow has pretty much melted off the block patio. We don't often see them as they are very spooky, but the quail seem to be cleaning up the wheat kernels I've been scattering around. It's a shame they are forecasting terribly cold weather coming. It has been so nice.

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