Thursday, December 15, 2016

More Snow

It started to snow last night just about the time I got back from town (went into Moses Lake for Bible Study which ended up canceled) about six thirty. It snowed about an inch, then stopped. We thought that was it as it was still quiet when we went to bed. But, when we got up this morning, there was at least another three inches on the ground!

I was sure glad I had gotten a pair of snow boots when I walked over to the clubhouse for the weekly ladies' coffee klatch. I was the first one there this morning, so I rummaged around, found the coffee can in the refrigerator, made a pot of coffee and put the water on for tea.

Forry put one of our electric heaters out in one of the bays. By noon, we had hot water. Mid-afternoon he was able to drain the black tank and an hour or so later the grey tank followed suit. So now I can take a shower again, run the dishwasher and do some laundry! I think we've figured what all we have to do to exist in this nasty weather... We'd better have, as it is forecast to get even colder!

Chatted with Sister Roxy on the phone this morning to wish her Happy Birthday! She said they had gotten enough snow in Lacey to dust the bushes. We had a nice talk until she suddenly decided she'd better hurry and get dressed or she'd be late for her Zumba class! The year she was born, our Dad told us she was our Christmas present...

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