Saturday, December 10, 2016

Another Busy Day

We were up and going early this morning, but the roads were so bad that we made it to church just as the Memorial Service for Walt Reimer was starting. Walt was born in 1920 and with his wife Clara, was one of the treasured elders of our Menno congregation. There was a soup luncheon served after the service in the new Fellowship Hall so we had a chance to visit with many of the family members that were present. Although the occasion was sad, it was a joy to visit with many of these cherished souls.

The roads were a bit better on the way back home. They had had a chance to melt off a bit and we met a few snowplows. It probably snowed another good inch. inch and a half during the night. You could tell by all of the bird tracks that the little guys had been busy at the feeder. There were also tracks from the rabbit that lives under the RV across the road.

It wasn/t as cold last night as it was on Thursday, but the temperature tonight has been really dropping. We stopped at Safeway in Moses Lake to get gas and the wind made it feel much much colder.

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