Friday, December 23, 2016

More Snow?

When I got up this morning, there were large fat flakes of snow lazily drifting down from the sky. They soon stopped, then started up again an hour or so later. That seemed to be the pattern all day.

The FedEx guy stopped by in the early afternoon with a package. He said the roads were bare and dry -"actually, they are very good until you get to people's yards or driveways." So we decided to go ahead and go to Ephrata to spend some time with Vic. It had been almost a week since we had seen him. In the meantime, he had been discharged from the rehab unit and had been moved to the nursing home wing of the facility.

I told Forry to grab his cane as it might be a long walk to the new room and it was! We'll have to figure out if there's a shorter way to access the Nursing Home portion rather than going through the rehab area...

We took advantage of our trip into town to get gas and stock up on groceries. That may have been a mistake. Safeway was terribly, terribly crowded. It was hard to move around in the aisles. I guess everyone had the same idea.

We passed through a few more snow showers before we made it home. However, it doesn't seem to be sticking. We'll see what the night brings.

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