Saturday, December 17, 2016


It was COLD this morning! I don't know what the temperature was earlier, but it was 5 degrees at ten o'clock and we were frozen! No cold water, no hot water, no water in the toilet! It was cold!

Forry kicked the heater in the bays up to high, but we never did get thawed out today. Fortunately, we have half a tank of water in our fresh water tank (We try to keep that much water for use in emergencies even though we are hooked up to park water. You never know when a park's water is going to be shut off because a pipe sprang a leak or someone ran over a hydrant.) that we could use. I washed my hair this afternoon and took a sponge bath in icy cold water!

This evening we went to a birthday dinner at Menno to celebrate our friend Katharine's 70th birthday. Held in the new Fellowship Hall, we had a wonderful roast beef dinner, shrimp cocktails and three kinds of cake. Diane and her crew prepared another feast. There were an interesting combination of people there from various parts of Kay's life - church family, school teacher, trustee, and family!

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