Thursday, December 29, 2016


I have been working since Christmas off and on pretty steadily, on the report about Menno Church that I need to send to our Conference Minister. It's the second major step (the first was a congregational survey) in the process of getting names of a new potential pastor. Glad to finally have it finished, I sent it off to the other members of the Search Committee for review before I send it off to the conference staff.

Since I was so focused on getting the report finished, I did not get anything out of the freezer to defrost for supper. Therefore, I called the Potholes General Store to order pizza, which Forry then drove down and picked up. It might, at most, be a couple of miles over to the store/gas station. It's not something we do often, but it was sure handy tonight - as well as tasty.

We had a skiff of snow last night, just enough to leave an inch or less on the car and patio. It was a mix of overcast and occasional sunshine today. It's not been too bad, but they are predicting nasty cold weather after the weekend.

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