Friday, December 16, 2016

Friday Visitor

I spotted a head going alongside the RV window this morning towards the back of the patio. Then as I  watched it came back the other way and I realized it was my Brother Pat. He had brought a couple of five gallon buckets of wheat bits for my bird feeder! Then he brought in two large zip lock bags of beans for the non-snowbirds inside. I'm going to have to hunt for that ham hock that I think is somewhere in the freezer...

We had a good visit. Forry and Pat checked out the bourbon balls Sister Sherry and I made after Thanksgiving. I've had them in the refrigerator aging. They were pretty strong when we made them (they've got a good dose of Jack Daniels in them), but the fellows said they have aged nicely.

There was a great deal of activity at the bird feeder this morning. Not only did the squirrel I've been chasing away show up (he hangs from the top of the feeder and eats), but his cousin came as well. The first one chased the new arrival away and we didn't see either of them after that.

I took advantage of the thawed tanks and did three loads of laundry this afternoon, working at filling them back up again. The UPS driver dropped off my order of another set of long johns from Costco, so between them and the clean laundry, I'm in pretty good shape to face the horrid temperatures they predicting for the next few days.

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