Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Another Chilly Day

I'm counting the days until the Winter Solstice. I can't wait until I can starting watching the days become longer! Even if it's only by a minute a day, there's something very psychological about it and I always feel better when I can read it in the newspaper every day.

It was cold today! We were once again without hot water this morning - that I can do without! From the looks of the tracks in the snow along the back of Auntie Violet, the deer we've seen have been exploring around the park. We've only seen them once here, but a couple of times we've seen bunches  of them crossing the road.

We watched the Pentatonix Christmas Show tonight. It was really a pleasure to watch. I bought their Christmas album just to get their rendition of Cohen's Hallelujah. They are a talented group.

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