Monday, December 5, 2016


Yep, there's a good inch of snow out there on the ground! It started about two o'clock this afternoon and kept it up for almost three hours. It didn't look like it was going to stick for a while, but then it did. When it started, the maintenance guys were out there pounding four foot stakes in along the edge of the roads, then spray painting the top 6-7 inches orange. I assume they put the stakes in to guide snow plowing, but I surely hope they don't think it's going to get that deep!

We've been dithering a bit about our outdoor Christmas decorations. We've used luminarias the last three years at Eagle View in Arizona. They fit very well in our desert home. Somehow, it doesn't seem like such a good thing here. I don't think we're going to put them out. Today we hung our icicle lights on the front of the coach along with our JOY sign. The icicles are about a foot long and hang in two loops from the mirrors.

I also took our little Christmas tree out of the storage box. I had put it in a large two gallon plastic bag hoping to protect it. It looked a bit bedraggled anyway, but soon fluffed back up with a little TLC. I'm  not sure how we're going to light it up... Presently it's in the front window, but I may move it over to the top of our new little fireplace heater.

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