Thursday, December 1, 2016

Coffee and ?

I was moving sort of slow this morning when Forry reminded me it was Thursday morning. The ladies in the park meet on Thursday mornings for coffee and a bit of "discussion." I quickly got dressed, grabbed my mug of coffee and a container of cookies and walked over to the clubhouse. I shared the peanut butter cookies with Hershey kisses that Sister Sherry and I had made last week with the ladies that were there. Sounds like only seven people were here for Thanksgiving dinner. Since they had bought a pretty large turkey, the leftovers were frozen for turkey soup at the December potluck later this month.

We're watching the first night of the 10 day National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas tonight. Pamela Capper, the little grandmother from Cheney who took four horses with her, won the first go-round in barrel racing tonight. Our friends, Dennis and Colleen have their Recycled Spoon jewelry booth here for the show. Here's hoping that they have lots of good sales. The only problem is they never get to watch the rodeo events...

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