Sunday, December 18, 2016

Road Trip

We have a friend we haven't seen for over a year and a half. This friend holds an Eggnog Party at her place up on Tiger Pass every December. She makes real Eggnog from scratch with eggs and cream and good stuff like that. Everyone that comes brings a plate of goodies, savory or sweet. Since a lot of people show up, it's quite a spread.

We haven't attended an Eggnog Party since we started full time RVing almost ten years ago. We've been in places like California and Florida and Arizona instead of in snowy Washington. So this year, we decided we would make the trek. Since there was no SS today, we left right after church.

It took us longer to drive north through Spokane than it took to get there from Menno. From Spokane we continued north on 395 through Deer Park, Springdale, Valley and Chewelah. We took the old Aden highway cutoff to Highway 12, then another six and a half miles to Mary's drive. It's a. one-way narrow road up the mountain to her place. You just hope you don't meet anyone coming down when you're going up! (Though Mary told me the guy going down has the right-of-way..)

We were late enough that there was a parking place right by the house. The house was still packed. I would guess there close to a hundred people there! Mary's Eggnog is fabulous, especially the bowl "with!"  The dining room table was covered with savory items  I took my plate of cookies to the sideboard where they joined an array of other sweet things.

I thought perhaps the Eggnog Parties would have tapered off a bit in the years while we were gone. But there is a whole new generation of folks enjoying this annual gathering. I sure didn't know very many people, but got some great hugs from Mary and the few I knew. We met a couple of the neighbors and were very intrigued by how much and how far you can see now from the balcony. (They had a violent wind shear come through the area that took down several truckloads of trees.)

We stayed for about an hour, then started the long trek back home (with a nice bottle of 'nog in hand). We saw a handful of deer as we drove back down towards Colville. There was a light snow falling, the mountains were beautiful. It got dark as we drove and we enjoyed the lights in Colville and the display in the Chewelah City Park. It's been a very good day!

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