Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Warm? Today

It was another very (comparatively speaking) warm day. The snow is gradually disappearing. The grass has funny melted spots all over where the sun had hit the leaves that were blown there by yesterday's winds.

We weren't up very early and much to his delight, we were actually awakened by Brother Pat inviting us to come join his family on Christmas Eve. He did say we should bring our ear plugs as all the Grandkids would be there...

Today was laundry and homemade chicken soup. We thought about going to visit our friend Vic in Ephrata, but today is the day he was supposed to be transferred to the Nursing Home wing. We thought tomorrow might be a better day to go.

For the first time in a while, we Skyped with Granddaughter Havela and little Kahlyn. It is sad that Illinois is so far away at this time of year. (Not that it's not a long way away the rest of the time, but it seems so much further at Christmas time!)

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