Sunday, September 18, 2016

A Good Day

Up early, but still rushing to get organized and off to Menno for church. No matter how organized I may think I am, I still find myself with a few things undone.

I taught the Senior Adult Sunday School class again this morning. Once again, church ran over long, so it was a shortened session. It's always enjoyable to me to hear others thoughts and ideas.

We rushed a bit getting home as Katherine and Dennis were coming for lunch. We have been wanting to have them over and were waiting until the inverter was fixed. But it's taking so long, so we said what the heck and invited them over anyway, cords on the floor and all. It was a good visit. They seemed to enjoy the crab salads I fixed for lunch along with yellow watermelons. We solved almost all of the world's problems...

Supper was pretty simple. I peeled some of the peaches I got yesterday, and Forry and I ate peaches and ice cream for our evening meal.

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