Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Inverters and Batteries

Ah, we have nice bright lights tonight. Even though Forry has had the charger on all day on the old batteries, there wasn't much oomph left in them and the house lights were pretty dim.

Late this afternoon, Chris showed up with a helper and a pallet of batteries and the new inverter, which is also big and heavy. The helper - who didn't have any gloves - started taking out the old batteries. I gave him a box of baking soda, so at least he could neutralize the corrosion.

While he was doing that, Chris unloaded the new inverter (about 18 by 10) and started getting the old one out. He thought it would take him about twenty minutes, but it was more like two hours as it looks like the coach was built around it! It's really tucked back in there in one of the bays.

There is still something messed up with the plug-ins. It seems that wires were reversed by the guy who put in the new GFI switch? It was getting late by then and Chris decided he would come back later in the week to finish up.

At least we were able to get sound back for the TV. Only to listen to a disappointing Mariners game. But ROOT Sports showed two episodes of the Bib Bang Theory that we hadn't seen, so it was a good evening.

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