Sunday, September 11, 2016

Another VERY Busy Day

I had so many things to take with me to church this morning, I actually made a list. And I consulted it a couple of time! I was teaching the Senior Adult class this morning today - and next week. So I had the books for that. Then there was the after church Sunday School picnic. I had bought a variety of colored tomatoes at the fruit stand that I sliced nice and thick to make a plateful to go with the hamburgers I knew we would be having.

And of course, today was the start of the "My Coins Count" collection for the upcoming Mennonite Country Auction the first Saturday in October. So I poured about a third of our year's coin collection into a zip lock bag to take with us. (The collecting goes on for three Sundays, so you need to divvy it up.) Then you have to judiciously hand out just a portion at a time so that every child who comes by with their bucket gets some. It's a fun time, especially with the littlest ones who come by the pews anxiously holding on to Mommy's hand with one hand and their collection bucket in the other.

We ended swapping Sunday's with Katherine and brought the large bucket of combined little buckets home with us to count. I had originally said I would do it the third Sunday, but will now do this first one. We need a count as the names of several people who volunteered to have their names in a hat, were drawn. Each had agreed to donate 10% of the dollars collected to the total. There is also an anonymous match of up to $1000 on the line. I was so tired when we got home that the counting will definitely be put off until tomorrow morning!

In spite of our busy week, the picnic was very enjoyable. As usual at these kind of affairs there was an incredible amount of food brought to go with the provided hot dogs and hamburgers. And the visiting during and afterwards was fun. It was a good day!

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