Friday, September 30, 2016

Sale Prep

The day before the Mennonite Country Auction is always special. Seeing everyone you haven't seen since last year is special, and anticipation for the sale starts to build.

We were up and showered early, then got Forry's cart carrier mounted on Toad II and loaded the cart. When we got to Menno, I took my laptop and the Canon printer into the office, then started tagging auction items with Cleon. We were able to find and tag everything that had arrived, and made tags for those that we were still waiting for.

It's amazing to watch the activity on the Friday before the Sale. The smell of pork barbecuing permeated the whole place (Curt smoked a dozen pork butts for the dinner tonight.). There were people moving around all over: tables and chairs were being unloaded and washed; tents and canopies were being erected; boxes were being emptied, their contents laid out and covered. Even the smallest of the children were carrying fencing to various places. The odor of apple butter being cooked in a copper kettle wafted its sweet scent over all.

I think Forry enjoyed his ability to skoot around on his cart and visit with everyone. He was able to run a few errands as well. We were visiting with our friends Colleen and Dennis and Dennis, when our friends Leslie and Bill from Seattle arrived. Their "yellow taxi" was a joy to see! After Bill's health episode in Florida last week, it was so good to have them here to hug. They have not missed a MCA sale in several years and will be handling credit cards for us tomorrow.

We had a great meal tonight: pulled pork sandwiches with coleslaw, baked beans and potatoes, and some chocolate cake. It was great to have the new addition so that we could eat inside as another rain shower came over just as dinner was served.

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