Saturday, September 3, 2016

Getting Organized...

We continue to work on getting our campsite here at Sun Desert a little more fixed up so that it looks more like us. Today I dug out my fancy bird waterer (a present from Sister Sherry a couple years back) from my pants drawer where it travels. Though it is pretty heavy, it is glass, so it doesn't go in the back of Toad II with the rest of the yard stuff. The dish was pretty white from the alkaline water we had in Arizona, so I stuck it in the sink with a good dose of vinegar. A half hour soak cleaned it up pretty good and I was able to put it out along the edge of the patio and fill it with water.

All of the sites in Section A are now filled up. We had our choice of four or five back in August, but there are no vacant sites in this area now. Several people had families visiting them today. It was nice to hear all of the young people's voices.

I spent part of the evening getting packed for our trip to Spokane tomorrow. We have a birthday party tomorrow, then Forry will have his second cataract surgery on Tuesday. Not sure what we'll do on Labor Day, but there may be something going on...

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