Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Just Another Day

All was quiet today until the mowing started. The price we pay for this beautiful park-like setting is listening to the weekly lawn mowers. Of course, there is so much grass that you hear the mowers several days in a row.

I started on the laundry, but only got one load done. I'll finish it up tomorrow.

I spent part of the late afternoon talking with our friends Leslie and Bill. They are in Florida visiting Leslie's Dad who is terminally ill. Bill collapsed while at Epcot, fortunately a nurse and a doctor were there and started CPR. They were trying to decide whether he should have an angiogram at the hospital in Celebration or be transferred to Orlando to a larger facility where they could put in stents if necessary or even a bypass. I encouraged them to go to the larger hospital... Please keep them in your prayers!

Tonight was the first night of the Women's Bible Study. In order to accommodate the ladies who live there, the ladies meet at Monroe House in Moses Lake. There were nine of us there tonight. It's a goodly chunk of the older women of Menno.  We started at six and were finished by 7:30. It was my first time driving back to Sun Desert after dark, but all went well.

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