Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Back to Spokane

Once more, it was time to head to Spokane as Forry had a follow-up appointment at Group Health's Eye Clinic. The Spokane Eye Clinic made the appointments for us when they scheduled his cataract surgery and I didn't think to change the time. So we had to leave home by 7 AM in order to make the 9:30 appointment! (While we were there, I changed the time for his October appointment from 9:30 to 11:30!)

While Forry was with the eye doctor I got a prescription filled, then we both went down the hall and got our flu shots. Since we are both over 65, we automatically were given the high-dose version. So that's out of the way for another year.

From the clinic, we went to Costco where I returned three of the shirts I bought last week. I was able to replace the shirt jacket I got for Forry with a larger one, but they were already out of the ones I wanted... Next was a trip out to JCPenney where I picked up the bath mat that I missed getting last week. I even got 10% off using the coupon I got for taking a survey about last week's visit...

We had a bit of time left, so went up to Manito Park and looked at the very murky green duck pond for a bit. They've had a "please don't feed bread to the ducks" sign up ever since they renovated the pond last year, but it's generally been ignored. Now, there is a sign right in front of the pond saying that "the condition of the water is due to feeding bread to the ducks!" This is the first time in the multiple times we've we've been there that no one was feeding the ducks...

Then it was time to head to Cathi's for lunch with our old AHEC crew. All of the now retired team except for Betty, who now lives in Arizona, were there plus three of the spouses. Unfortunately, the two younger ones, Kaarin and Bonnie, were unable to join us. It's going on ten years now since I worked at WSU, and our crew has gotten together EVERY summer since then! We liked each other then, and we still do!

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