Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Just Musing...

"Can you really do that? I thought it only came in cans." Comment from the grocery clerk after he had asked me to identify the two turnips and the two parsnips I had in the bags (no little number stickers on them!). He had then asked what I was going to do with them? When I told him I was going to be making stew, he seemed quite amazed. What does he think people did in "the old days?"

How can a male possibly think that the dried urine on the hinge of the toilet seat is from his female partner? Don't they realize it's not anatomically possible? (I'm trying to visualize how it could be done...)

Why do the days get shorter so much faster in the fall then they do in the spring when you are waiting for the days to get longer?

How did the first person who made ice cream figure it out? Were there "sort of" precursors to the first ice cream? Was sherbet made before ice cream was? What about gelato?

This was my brain today as I was sweeping and mopping floors. Forry had gone to Rizville to pick up a wheat check and I was home alone for several hours. My brain fascinates me, as it goes to the strangest places sometimes...

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