Thursday, September 29, 2016

Just Talking

We spent a whole lot of today just talking with people. As usual, the ladies had their weekly gathering over at the Clubhouse this morning. Forry was going to go over to Mike's to join the guys, but had the time wrong. (He thought Mike's was going to their winter hours, but turns out that won't be for a couple of weeks.)

Then he went over to Section B, where he had heard that one of the fellows was installing skirting on an RV. He talked to him for a while, then the fellow said he would come over later this afternoon to give us a possible quote. He showed up a little after four pm. After crawling under the slide out and checking the insulation built into the coach, he didn't seem to think we would need skirting. The coach is well-insulated (it was built in Yakima, Washington.) and the bay's are all heated. Even with the jacks down, we are fairly close to the ground. Hmm.

I did some work with the Auctria software we will using for the MCA auction on Saturday, pre-entering some of the bidders I knew would be present. But the more I worked through the logistics of how we would hand out auction numbers and correlate them with my list, I decided it will be much less confusing to let people sign in as usual, then add their names to the computer list as we go along.

I will have plenty of help as out friends Leslie and Bill will be there as well as Forrest.

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