Friday, September 2, 2016


It's the second day of the month, so it means it's time to pay bills. When I went to our credit union app, it flashed a message that Bill Pay was not available today on the app. But, you could go online to the website and use Bill Pay there!? What? Didn't make any sense, but I dutifully went online, typed in the website address and sure enough, I was able to use Bill Pay. Now both of these attempts were done on my iPad! I don't understand, but I got the job done.

After I did our personal bills, I went ahead and took care of the ranch stuff. I think I have finally gotten the billing for the new Costco card and our AMEX card straightened out. It was confusing for a couple of months there.

I exchanged a couple of emails with Granddaughter Kyra who is a freshman at Eastern Mennonite University and got her snail mail address. Now I can be a good Grammy and send her care packages.

Later this afternoon, we had a chat with Son-in-law Todd and we did some preliminary planning about our plans to drive together to Granddaughter Havela's wedding in Illinois the latter part of October. I had talked briefly this morning with Son-in-law Scott confirming our Othello address. It's a great day when I get to talk with BOTH of those special guys!

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