Saturday, September 10, 2016

Sad Day

One of Forry's age-mates passed away last weekend. It's been hard for him as he and Davie were only a month apart in age and have known each other since they were small boys. They were both active in the agriculture program at Ritzville High School. I'm sure the two of them contributed a great deal to Ag Instructor Mr. Webb's grey hair.

The services for Davie Weber were held at the Lind Community Church in Lind. The church was quite full with many of our old neighbors and friends in attendance. They had a light repast and reception in the church basement afterwards and it was good to have a chance to visit a bit.

We stopped in Moses Lake to get gas on our way home. We were both tired as it has been a long busy week and we were glad to nap when we got back to the RV. Since we had eaten at the church after the services, we settled on eating one of the little yellow watermelons we got at Tonnemoker's Fruit Stand yesterday for supper.

I really think my introvert soul has about had enough of socializing for a while, but tomorrow is going to be another busy day...

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