Saturday, September 17, 2016


We woke up this morning to the sound of gently falling rain. It rained most of the morning, then started clearing off again.

Forry had to drain the tanks this morning before we could take our showers. He's finally turned up the water pressure a bit. While nice, it does tend to fill the tanks faster. Just the fact that it's Forry draining the tanks makes me happy. It took almost a year after his back surgery before he was able to do it again.

We drove over to Tonnemaker's fruit and vegetable stand this afternoon. They still had a few peaches, some lovely tomatoes, lots of peppers, plums and several large bins of apples, mostly Golden Delicious and Honey Crisps.

I tried Maria's roasted apple/potatoe/onion chunks recipe for dinner tonight along with a couple of chicken thighs from the freezer. So good!

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