Saturday, September 24, 2016

That Blankety Blank Printer!

I brought home the printer that we worked on Thursday night at Cleon's that we want to use at the MCA sale next week. We just couldn't get my laptop to recognize it that night! I've been busy until today when I  finally sat down with the laptop and the printer. I went online and got the drivers for the Canon printer. But I could still not get the two to recognize each other! It just would not print.

Finally, Cleon texted me and asked if I gave up? I responded that yes, I was giving up! So he said he would come out and get it. When he arrived, I told him I had the drivers for it, but just couldn't get it to print. He tried shutting the printer off and turning it on again. And by golly, it printed!

So I guess we are in business! We are using a new software program called Auctria that will allow us to have auction bids transmitted electronically which will enable me to calculate totals and print receipts. If it works, life shall be much easier next Saturday!

We did go over to Tonnemaker's Fruit Stand for our weekly produce run this afternoon. We got another yellow watermelon, some late peaches, a few red pears, some plums and pluets, a few cucumbers and both red and yellow tomatoes. In October they will be going to winter hours, so we may have to plan and call ahead.

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