Friday, September 23, 2016

New Toy

Greg from Meditech called and said the hitch extension had come in and he had the carrier all put together. This is the carrier for the electric cart that our dear friend Vic is giving to Forry. So off we went to Moses Lake in the rain. We stopped first at Lowes and bought covers for patio furniture which Greg had told us worked better than the ones custom made for the carts that he sold.

Then over to Meditech to put the carrier on. It is very nice - but a whole lot bigger than I had expected. Next, (after a stop at Goodwill to drop off some stuff) over to Pam's where she had gotten the cart out of the garage and charged up. With her help, Forry got the cart loaded on the carrier. We tried one of the covers I had purchased, which turned out to be way too big. (Bless Pam's friend Rhonda's heart, she actually got it back into the box so that I could return it!) We tried the second cover, which seemed to work, then stopped back at Meditech so that Greg could check it out.

With all deemed okay, we stopped back at Lowes to exchange the cover for a smaller one. (I want to cover the Forry's reclining exercise bike which sits outside.) I had been eyeing a small taco place called El Rey as we've gone back and forth, so decided to stop by for supper. So good! We'll definitely be stopping there again.

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