Sunday, September 4, 2016

Busy Fun Day

We were up early. I finished packing while Forry fixed his Jimmy Dean sausage egg sandwiches for breakfast. We had decided we would leave for Spokane from church rather than driving back home again in the opposite direction. I sure hope we have everything we need for the next four days!

Church was a bit sparse this morning as many folks are away for the Labor Day weekend, but it was a good group. We had an interesting discussion after church with Dennis about someone named Gustavson who had lived on the Schrag place. Forry's going to have to ask his sister if she remembers that...

After church we headed for Spokane - after a stop at the Ritzville Starbucks for frappacinos - and checked in to the Madison Inn. We watched the rest of the Mariners game we had been listening to on the radio in the car and took a nap.

Towards evening we headed to our friend Judy's house to help her family celebrate her 70th birthday. It was so much fun to see old friends and meet many new people. They served a pulled pork sandwich with coleslaw, baked beans and fresh fruit. Judy and her Sister Karen had made the chocolate angel food cakes that I can remember their mother Dorothy making for Judy on her birthday. It took six of them to feed the crowd! It was especially good to see Leticia as well as Biz and Steve.

It was a very fun day!

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