Thursday, September 15, 2016

Where Today?

As I sit here in a bit of a post-prandial daze, I thought about where my errant brain had taken me today? Today is Thursday, therefore Ladies Gathering at the park. Every Thursday morning at nine, the ladies meet for coffee at the clubhouse (I've heard the men go to Mike's, though since Forry hasn't gone that's only hearsay.). There's usually a dozen or so ladies, the cast changes from week to week. I go as it's a chance to ask questions and hear what's happening - and to enjoy a bit of estrogen... The big news today is that the park was completely full last night. There was actually one empty site in Section D that was spoken for, but the man was a no-show. The other news is that there is going to be a Section E developed that will be all pull-through sites.

When I returned home, I resumed the cleaning I started yesterday. I was disappointed to hear that Forry had checked with Chris and the new batteries had not yet arrived, maybe tomorrow? Or Saturday?

Later, after a Skype call with Granddaughter Havela and Greatgranddaughter Kahlyn, Forry and I went up to the mailboxes to mail some bills (taxes and crop insurance). Afterwards, we drove around and checked out where Section E is going to be. Unlike Section D which is all shrubs and no trees, the new area already has some small trees planted. The park looks a lot different than when we first looked it over a couple of months ago. We had our choice of many possible sites. That is no longer the case.

We sat outside this evening and watched the bird parade. The swallows put on quite a show as they scour the sky for the flying insect hatch. The sparrows flit from bush to trailer roof and back again. The doves just sort of glide through, pausing to light occasionally. But the killdeers are out in force, running back and forth down the gravel roads, anxiously calling out their names, KILLDEER! KILLDEER! They call and call, even after darkness falls.

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