Monday, September 5, 2016

Labor Day

We took advantage of the Labor Day sale out at JC Penny's at the Valley Mall. We replenished our underwear supply and got new towels for the bathroom. I usually buy a bath sheet for Forry and two regular bath towels for me (one for my hair and one for the rest of me). Since we use the same towels over and over, they seem to wear out much faster than normal. We don't have space to store a whole bunch, so I just replace them occasionally. Works for us.

A year or so ago, I decided to let the piercings in my ears close up to heal after a series of infections. They've been fine for several months, so today while we were out at the Mall, I went to a place called the Silver Safari to get them re-pierced. A very nice young woman named Cathy was able to use hollow needles and re-open the original holes. Sweet! I have a new pair of little roses with posts that I'll wear for a couple of weeks until they reheal.

We came back to the Madison Inn in time to watch the Mariners win their game with Texas. By the time it was over, it was time to go pick up Son Sean and take him out to dinner with us. Since their race car won this weekend, "Bloomin' Onions" were free today at Outback Steakhouse. (a promotion they've been running all summer called "Bloomin' Mondays.") Though Forry and I shared a meal, Sean had lots of leftovers to take home.

It was another gorgeous late summer day.

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